The Power of Love and Jewelry

Heather ring

Last year at this time I felt a little like Katherine Heigl’s character, Jane, in 27 Dresses.  Not the, “always-a-bridesmaid” bit, but as a bridesmaid in three weddings within three months, I did try on a lot of dresses!  I was also invited to attend the wedding of my good friend, Heather.  However it was on the same date as one of the others.  Despite being unable to attend, I sent all my love to Heather and her new husband, Andrew.  Now, almost a year later, that love has come back in the most special way.

Earlier this month, Heather and Andrew asked me to create a ring for their first wedding anniversary.  With their inspiration images in hand and feedback from Andrew, I set to work searching for just the right stone and began ordering materials.  Never mind I had never set a pear shaped stone or worked much in gold, the power of love (and a lot of research) overcame any lack of confidence in my ability to create such a meaningful token for my friends!

Simple as this ring may be, my moves were careful, measured, deliberate.  With each completed step of fabrication, nervous excitement bubbled through me because, you see, the intimate nature and significance of jewelry was really hitting home with this project.  This ring is instilled with all my happy wishes for my friends, and with Andrew’s thoughtfulness and love for Heather.  Those intentions will be with Heather every day.  I am so touched to be part of that.




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