Here it is, folks!  An update on MAMMAL ROOM, as promised!

“LOOOK!!!” was in the subject line of an email sent to me by my sister, Kristen, a few weeks ago.  What we were excited to see was a few potential designs for the cover of her debut collection of poems, MAMMAL ROOM.  Knowing about this has been one of those just-too-exciting bits of information that wants to bubble right out of me.  I’ll admit, and my family will attest to it, I can be a bean spiller about these things.  But with the book sent off to the printer earlier this week, I can finally let it out!

The work my sister and I create takes different forms.  In some ways, though, I think it comes from similar places.  Kristen’s words about my work have always pushed me forward with a reminder of why I make.  I can never seem to accurately articulate what or how I feel, but with every object I create, I come closer to representing, capturing, and evoking those emotions.  It feels incredibly special to have my lack of words support those that she has so carefully crafted.

I sincerely hope you take a look.