To Look Within

To Look Within

The past few months have been a roller coaster of long days and late nights in the studio, all in preparation for today–the MFA Thesis Exhibition!  I could not be happier to share this day with fellow studio mates, makers and artists, friends and family.


Sally Forth, 2014!

Sally Forth

Here we are, one week and one day into the new year and I am still left thinking about new year’s eve, a night spent (fairly) quietly at home with friends.  Of course, new year’s resolutions entered the conversation. There were the classics: Be happy! and, Not making another resolution! Woody Guthrie had some good ones, but honestly, I have never given much thought to resolutions….

Guthrie Resolutions


In the studio a few days later I was looking through some borrowed books, one of which was Learning to Love You More.  With a website of the same name, Learning to Love You More documents the reports of those who have fulfilled assignments created by artists Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher.  Like new year’s eve and my resolution reflections, one particular assignment occupied my brain: #63 Make an encouraging banner.  Little did I know, my answer to this assignment was right in front me, written above my bench on my studio wall.

During a meeting with my professor in November, we began talking about defenses and forging ahead without fear.  Defenses lead to sally port, which lead to sally forth, and that, we agreed, is a statement to get behind.  When I asked if I should write it on my wall as a daily reminder, he said yes.  Thinking of his reaction once he saw it, maybe he was kidding, or maybe he didn’t think I would actually scrawl it out in large blocky letters with green chalk.

In the coming months, I think my November resolution and assignment #63 will be an excellent reminder.



Back to Work!

Studios at the Star Store are quiet as winter break continues, and after a much needed rest at home in Pennsylvania, I am happy to be back at my bench!

I look forward to developing this site as a blog, but also anticipate a website to follow.  Until then, stop by to see what I’m thinking about as well as what I have been up to in the studio!