#thisisabrooch thumbnails

May, June and July were a bit of a whirlwind!  Finishing up at school, moving out of the school’s studio and teaching a mini workshop for middle school students were a few of the events happening in that time…whew!  The mini workshop got me thinking about quite a few things, and I hope to share those reflections soon.

Leaving the Star Store and its fantastic metals studio behind has not been easy.  Fortunately, Ms. Émilie Mulcahey has occupied my lack of studio with a bit of fun in #thisisabrooch.

From the project’s tumbler:
“For those “in the know”, brooches are often relegated to grandmother’s jewelry boxes and exist mainly as golden plastic elephants and rhinestone pieces of fruit. While art jewelers know and love brooches, they often only put out special occasion pieces that aren’t worn regularly and don’t make it onto the radar for your average accessory consumer. We are looking to change that. We want to see brooches worn every day in every way.  . . .  #ThisIsABrooch is activist wearing – making the conscious decision to include a brooch in your everyday outfit to inspire others to do the same.”

“Activist wearing.”  I quite like that.  And I have enjoyed participating as much as I love both making and wearing brooches.  You can participate through September 7 using the hashtag, #thisisabrooch, on Instagram.  #thisisabrooch will be curated into an online exhibition and exhibition in print.